Wednesday, 25 June 2014

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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Stepping Up To The Plate

The topic of our show going out on the podcast servers this week is “Stepping up to the Plate”. This is not a lore-based show but one that is firmly entrenched in our situation in the 21st century with the state of our religion.

There are so many designations in our religion: Asatru, Vanatru, Forn Sidhr, Odinism, Universalist, Folkish, Tribalist, Theodish and the list could go on and on. The truth of the matter is that in spite of all of these different designations and all of the pages on the Internet, social media and so forth, our numbers combined are actually very small when you look at the world around us – – and other pagan religions! There are people all over the world that do not even know what we are or what we do and when we tell them a blank stare is usually the response of total incomprehension! To compound the issue we have grudges that of been held between groups some of which can be traced back to the 1970s. If that wasn’t enough, there are endless arguments and bickering’s sometimes caused by Internet “trolls” who seem to take joy in bringing these types of arguments about. All of this boils down to us being in an extremely vulnerable position at this point in time where our religion is concerned whatever stripe or label you wish to put on yourself—even none at all!

There are differences in the way groups approach our religion. There are differences in the way individuals approach our religion. That is a fact of life. That was a fact of life among the regions that our ancestors lived in as well. I firmly believe that we need to get away from the dogmatism that has plagued the monotheistic religions in their fundamentalist form if we are to survive or become anything in this world. The “I am right and you are wrong” is fine if you’re going to talk in church but not fine when you are talking in a kindred Hall. Yes there are certain common threads that we believe in whatever designation if any, which we choose to label ourselves as. There will also always be differences of opinion and differences in the way we go about things. This is not bad but a diversity that should be embraced for if we were all the same we would be no different than the religious belief systems that many of us came out of in the first place. We do not have to agree with each other on every aspect of our faith in order to be supportive of one another where it comes to the world scene.

Dispelling one of the myths that some of the Internet “trolls” like to put forth is that Folkish Asatru is a racist form of the religion. This is inaccurate as in its pure form it is merely an ethnic version of our religion that holds no superiority complex and eschews dishonorable acts against people of other origins. True there are those that like to hide behind the name Folkish in order to mask a racist agenda. Those people end up exposing themselves over time and the endless arguments only end up giving them a front and center place on the stage that outsiders look at!

Universalists on the other hand are not the enemy, any more than the Tribalists are than Theodish or the Vanatru... and the Folkish are not the enemy either. These are all just different ways of viewing our faith and practicing it in the world. Just as our ancestors before us, we do not all have to agree on the same things in order to be valid in our expression to the gods and the ancestors. There needs to be a “growing up” where it comes to our faith and to the discussions and arguments and bickering that goes on. Think of things from an outsider’s perspective for a moment. If you were completely unfamiliar with our religion and looked at some of the message boards that I have looked at where arguments and bickering and Internet trolling are taking place, is there something there that you would want to have as a part of your life? Really think about that for a moment. Our entire religion from all different walks of the faith numbers under 10,000 worldwide. I am being very generous here. Christianity holds 2 billion followers, Islam not too far behind. Other religions hold vast numbers of people as adherents and true followers. Where do we fit in?

I think that we can find our place by realizing that one kindred does not have the right to tell another how to worship their gods! That one individual does not have the right to tell another that the way they honor their ancestors is wrong! It may be different, but it may be very meaningful to them where they’re at in their lives today either as a group or as individuals. In the days of our ancestors the religion varied very greatly from region to region as to which god or goddess had the highest place of honor. The way they honored the ancestors in Iceland was different than the way they honored the ancestors in Sweden. The Anglo-Saxons had their own tribal deity that was not included in the pantheon of many other tribes – – were they wrong? I’m sure if they were living today they would be challenged over and over again on message boards LOL!

In order to do more than survive, but to thrive and grow we need to actually do something actively to show the world that we are of faith that is worth its salt! We need to show that we are more than just a bunch of people that like to argue and fight amongst ourselves over things that really matter very little when you look at the big picture, but a people that can stand up together in unity even though we have differences! Just as in the world mosaic the differences of culture are what make the richness of our societies what they are – – the diversity of our religion makes it something beautiful to behold as long as one group does not stand up and say they are right while everyone else is wrong. The moment that happens we are no different than the fundamentalists of the religions many of us grew up in. I know I myself will have no part of it. Asatru is a religion that has worth! It is a connection point to our ancestors and to our history, as well as to the energies that speak to us. It will never go anywhere or gain any legitimacy other than in small pockets here and there in the world, unless we can set aside grudges, disputes over this way or that way, or allow those who would hide racist agendas to hijack our symbols and our ways. To succeed we need to join forces and realize a simple truth that I have said over and over again in our broadcasts: “you do not have to agree with me to be my friend”. With that I leave you to think about what has been said and to enjoy the broadcast and interview that is put forth this week on the NRR – Northern Runes Radio.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Ancestral Burial Practices and Views of The Afterlife

 Ancestral Burial Practices and Views of The Afterlife

This week’s broadcast is going to be about funerary rites (real ones not from Hollywood) and the concepts that our ancestors had of the afterlife. With the release of so many different movies, novels, and other literature over the last few decades that talk about “Vikings” there has been a very warped view of the afterlife in our day when it comes to what our ancestors really believed. Part of this has to do with the Christianized idealism of our modern society, whether that has been something that is a part of your life directly or not. In Christian theology there is a heaven and there is a hell. Heaven is supposedly a place of bless and joy where one rejoices before God for all eternity. Hell is a place of damnation and punishment where there is suffering an endless torture for having rejected the unmerited favor of God’s salvation. This impression seems to have moved to call her the interpretation many have had of the afterlife our ancestors believed in. Valhalla seems to be looked upon as an “Viking” view of heaven from their perspective. Nothing could be further from the truth! On the other side of the coin Hel seems to have been interpreted as a “Viking” view of the Christian hell – – a place of torment and punishment. Again, this is not accurate.

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Challenges of Today

Hail to All:

We have had many broadcasts where we have talked about the lore, and the history of our people. We have done an entire series of broadcasts on different saga stories and topics that related to the 9 noble virtues and the morality of our people. We have not done a broadcast like this one before. You may listen to this broadcast and say "this guy's not doing a broadcast like this". There are so many variables and there are so many things that are not confirmable, yet there is evidence all around us of so many different things that are going on behind closed doors.

This broadcast deals with the subject of the Ukrainian crisis and the possibility of it evolving into a thermonuclear war! Those of you that subscribe to our newsletter have access to some of the videos that I have seen not only from underground media about from mainstream media like the CBC. There are also links in that letter to printed media that is online that you can read. We are in a situation that is in our generation probably as desperate as the Cuban missile crisis was back in the 1960s. People seem oblivious to this however and just carry on as though nothing happens out of the ordinary. In this broadcast you'll hear about some of the things that are going on in the world today in regards to this crisis and of the possible outcomes that could result from it. What will you do? How will you live and interpret these events as someone who practices Asatru? We can't always be "pie-in-the-sky" – – the way of life our ancestors had have been no differentiation between what is called spiritual and what is day-to-day life in the way they saw things in the world. We need to be prepared to protect our families, and to enable some way for our descendents to have a life even if the unthinkable happens! If there were a thermonuclear war perhaps there would be no way for us to survive, but rather than lie down and accept our fates if we would make our ancestors proud we would stay true to the end and never give up until our last breath. What do you know about how to build a shelter? Do you know how to produce energy without the electrical power grid? Do you know how to hunt and fish? Maybe you do maybe you don't depending on where you live. Maybe it's a good idea to take a bit of time to learn how to do these things. Maybe it's a good idea to look at where the least affects would be in the case of such a conflict, where you could still hunt and fish or build a life because many of the people that slough off the thought of a thermonuclear exchange even a minor one, have no idea of the destructive power and the long-term effects globally that such things would have!

This broadcast is an attempt to bring some of the things that we hold dear as Asatruar into the 21st century; into the Wolf Age that we live in; to where the rubber meets the road right now. This broadcast is more of a discussion than anything else but one that is very important because if the unthinkable does happen we do need to talk about stuff like this. I hope that you enjoy the broadcast and that you share it widely.

Just as a side note, I am aware that I called Vladimir Putin "Alexander Putin" in the broadcast – – perhaps a Freudian slip as it seems like this individual has conquest on his mind.

We do have a new website that is replacing the wix website
it is a work in progress but it is live and online right now. We finally bought our own domain name and that is where our main hobbit activity is going to be though our podcast site will always be here. I will be posting videos and links on our Facebook page throughout the week that are related to this broadcast and those of you that have subscribe to our newsletter which you should be able to do very easily, as it is pinned to the top of our Facebook page (just type in "northern runes radio" into the Search Bar of Facebook and like the Page If You Haven't Already). These are very dangerous times we live in and together with strength and honor let's face it together.

Until Next Time...

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Power of Daily Practice

The Power of Daily Practice

As mundane as this name may seem for an episode on the NRR it is one of the most important things that we could ever discuss. There is an article in the weekly newsletter that I hope you get the chance to subscribe to, you can find a link on the Northern Runes Radio Facebook page pinned to the top where you can subscribe to the newsletter. It does not matter whether we are practicing just the religious path, or the esoteric (magical) path or both, if we do not practice things on a daily basis and live our religion all we are our armchair theorists and spectators not participants in our own life story.

There are many practices in our religion that are very in tune with nature, the remembrance of the gods and of the ancestors; the giving of gifts to the wights that live in our home or perhaps out on the farm where we may be that where you are. Even in the city there are things you can do that show your thankfulness for what has been given you through the Providence of your hard work and the help of your guardian spirits. The Disir and the other female ancestors that watch over us deserve remembrance.

On the magical or esoteric path there are different practices that one does in order to build the strength of their will. Things that are done to forge connections with the runic energies and with the more seidhr like practices if that is the direction that they are going. Daily practices... Without them we are theorists and spectators. It is our dearest hope that this broadcast touches your heart and your soul and inspires you to read the lore of our ancestors and to become the star of your own saga! Each and everyone of us has a saga to write and that's saga is called our lives. What are we going to do with it? This is a broadcast you'll want to listen to multiple times and share with your friends who are serious about the religion of Asatru, and are serious possibly about the esoteric path or both.

We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Until next time...

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Techniques For Achieving "Non-Thought" In Meditation

Hail once again to all of our listeners! We are delighted to have so many new people coming on stream all the time, and we encourage you to continue sharing our broadcast with your friends and with anyone that will listen!

This episode is the capstone of our shows on meditation. Before the beginning of April when I went on my months hiatus, we did an episode about true meditation on the Runes and some of the different ways a person can do that. On this episode we want to take a look at the highest form of meditation which we just alluded to in that episode, and talk about some of the techniques that you can use to achieve the "non-thought" state that that type of meditation entails.

"Non-thought" is not what you think it is! What a person today in our modern world hears the term "meditation" many times they have a vision in their head of someone sitting cross legged on a mat chanting a mantra. True, a person can use those types of techniques to help get themselves into a state of "non-thought", but the common idea is that this state of "non-thought" is a state of empty mindedness. This is not the case at all as you'll see as you listen to this broadcast. "Non-thought" is really about using the parts of your soul complex that are not tied to the 5 senses of the body. In other words learning to communicate in a different type of language if you want to call it that. English people speak English and understand English for the most part depending upon their level of education. Germans speak German to one another and can communicate. A modern English-speaking person speaking modern English to a German who has had no schooling in the language of English has a "hit and miss" chance of success in communication. The universe itself has its own language, and achieving the state of "non-thought" is not about not thinking, or being empty minded, but about learning how to speak the language of the universe and understand its response. This is the language of the gods and goddesses; the language of the ancestors long departed and yet still here; the language of your Fetch or your higher consciousness. Very importantly for those who follow the esoteric path, it is the language of the Runes themselves which are the very creative powers of the universe itself. It is the language of your subconscious mind as an individual human being as well. This is a far cry from empty mindedness! Learning the techniques that you will hear in this broadcast and disciplining yourself to invest the time in yourself will open doors to power an understanding along with wisdom and presence that may have been close to you up until now. Many places that teach meditation understand the concept of silencing the inner voice which is what "non-thought" is all about, but never tell you what to do when you get to that stage and lead you to believe that it is empty mindedness – – like a canvas waiting for something to be drawn upon it. This is a great disservice to humanity as if you understand the keys to what this language of the universe is all about (and it is a never-ending learning process) there is no limit to what you can accomplish or create in the world.

It is my dearest hope that you will take this to heart. Next weekend this and the 1st broadcast on meditation before April will be transformed in the video input into a playlist on YouTube so that you can watch them together if you wish. Remember to subscribe to our newsletter which is weekly and quarterly. Subscribe to us through PayPal if you can, although we do not require that of anyone it does a great help to us as well as any donations. Very soon you're going to see exactly what that has been able to do for the quality of the Northern Runes Radio! Hail to each and everyone of you! Until next time...

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The God Freyr and The Goddess Freyja

Hail to all of our listeners!

Today's episode deals with the topic of the great God Freyr and the Goddess Freyja! At this time of year when spring is taking hold and winter is finally loosing its iron grip of ice (we notice that more up here in the North than those down in the more Southerly climes) our thoughts turn to these great beings who represent fertility and growth among our people. It is our hope that you will receive some new insights perhaps, revive old insights and over all allow the energies of what these beings represent live within your heart and soul!

Many forget the high status that the godsFreyr had among our people though there is no question that Freyja was the greatest Goddess of our people next to Frigg herself! These names that we call them were actually titles not names as you will find out in the broadcast, and as they are of the gods and goddesses of the cycles of nature we find a great commonality here with many of the pagan religions of the ancient world. Many of the modern revivals of paganism are based around these gods and goddesses of the cycles (or their version of them) and we notice this greatly with the Celts. This is because the Celts, the Teutons, and the slabs all came from one culture at one time – – one that only separated into its divisions about 5000 years ago. There is also the arbitrary way in which these tribes were named which holds its suspicions, as it was the Romans who names the Celts, Slavs and Teutons (all Germanic) not based on knowledge of the People's but rather which side of the river they lived on.

It is our hope that this vintage broadcast from the old NRR is one that will speak your heart and that will move your soul. Let the God of inspiration (Odin) who is the All Father allow more than just your intellect to be opened when you hear about these great beings Freyr and Freyja!

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